the bad news is: i am going to be moving everything to my new website, and will be leaving this community.

the good news is: you won't have to join anything in order to gain access to the resources. plus, i'm taking the site thing seriously, so there will be much more frequent updates, and it won't only be icons.

the change probably won't take affect too soon... i'll start taking things down from the bottom, up. but just a head's up to all the members, and so on. i hope you all will decide to visit me at my site once everything is there! =]

thanks all, for your support and interest in my icons & bases. it's been fun.

credits & links

here is a list of the resources i am using and have used in the past to make this community look so slinkster cool:

currently using
layout from appleleaf

used in the past
icons from adamwolf_icons

& all credit is given for the icons and textures i have made are on the specific entries. those without credit are made 100% by myself.

& if, for whatever reason you feel proper credit is not given where it is due, let me know and i will give credit accordingly.